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RIEGL VQ-1560i 

Airborne lidar measurement system

At present, Feiyan Aviation Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with two internationally advanced RIEGL VQ-1560i airborne lidar measurement systems for high-density point cloud mapping and large-area mapping of full-waveform digital dual-laser transmitters. Lidar system.

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Currently, the only digital aerial camera with a user-replaceable lens system, the UltraCam Eagle Mark 3, is the first customer of UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 (UCE M3) in China.

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Oblique aerial camera

The PAN-U5 tilting aerial camera adopts five medium format measurement cameras. The domestic independent research and development modular design, helicopter, light sport aircraft, fixed wing can be mounted, no need to modify any helicopter, specifically for 3- 5cm high-definition high-quality image design, low-altitude flight, high equipment stability, high-quality 3D model, suitable for smart city, multi-regulation.

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UltraCam Eagle

Ultra large format digital aerial camera

The birth of the Microsoft UltraCam Eagle camera set off a revolution in digital photogrammetry camera systems. The camera integrates all components of the sensor unit, memory unit, control unit, inertial measurement unit, and other interchangeable lens systems with different focal lengths, setting a new industry standard for digital aerial photography cameras.