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Airborne Bathymetric  LiDAR Solutions

Proven productivity

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Leica Chiroptera 4X & HawkEye 4X

The Leica Chiroptera 4X and HawkEye 4X is a combined airborne bathymetric and topographic multi-sensor LiDAR system providing seamless data from the seabed (bathymetry) onto land (topography). Both scanners use oblique LiDAR technology that illuminates seafloor objects from multiple angles, maximising coverage.

Finish your projects twice as fast at half the cost
With the new 4X product line, Leica Geosystems introduces an innovative high-resolution technology, increasing the point density by factor four compared to the previous versions. 4X offers an unrivalled bathymetric point density and depth penetration performance, at the same accuracy, turbid water performance and increased sensitivity, offering a productivity gain of >50% for most end user specifications.  Chiroptera 4X is equipped with one bathymetric channel for nearshore survey down to 25 metres depth and has one 500 kHz topographic channel for survey on land. Adding HawkEye 4X to the system doubles the performance with an additional bathymetric channel for water depths down to 50 m. Both systems include an 80 MP four-band (RGBN) Leica RCD30 camera.
Efficient method for coastal surveys
Perform topographic and hydrographic data collection at the same time. Chiroptera 4X and HawkEye 4X provide an unmatched combination of data density, object obstruction detection, accuracy and depth penetration for capturing seamless data in coastal zones and river environments. Use Leica Chiroptera 4X for nearshore and inland waters and HawkEye 4X for ultimate penetration in deeper waters. 

Poor visibility? No problem.
The Chiroptera 4X and HawkEye 4X provide industry-leading ability to punch through water with less than optimal visibility. The LiDAR sensor family is field-proven in applications around the world in a variety of water conditions, including nearshore, at sea and in turbid inland waters. Ultimate performance is possible through a combination of hardware and workflow to master the challenges of poor water clarity.

Most complete & competitive workflow
Increase efficiency with an easy-to-use workflow, from mission planning and execution to data delivery in a variety of formats, including fused images, classified point clouds and RGB/CIR images. Leica LiDAR Survey Studio (LSS) incorporates all bathymetric LiDAR functions like full waveform processing, automatic refraction  correction, water surface classification, 4-band LiDAR colourisation, automatic calibration, registration and quality assurance.

Cost-saving common sensor platforms

Leica Geosystems is the only provider offering imaging and LiDAR solutions based on a common sensor platform of system peripherals and software.
Users can share components and common operator and pilot interfaces between systems for simple, consistent installation across all airborne sensors, providing synergies in ground handling and operator training regardless of the array of systems employed. Likewise, common mission planning makes it efficient for a small workforce to plan for a wide variety of missions, all from a familiar planning interface. 

This results in efficient workflow, reduced training and cost savings.
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Leica HawkEye 4X Introducing high-resolution for deep water survey
With the 4X bathymetric product line, Leica Geosystems introduces an innovative high-resolution technology, increasing the point density by factor four compared to previous versions. The Leica HawkEye 4X offers unrivalled bathymetric point density and depth penetration at the same accuracy, same turbid water performance and with increased sensitivity, offering a productivity gain of >50%.

Most competent system
The HawkEye 4X is an airborne multisensor deep water bathymetric and topographic LiDAR system, based on the competence of the Leica Chiroptera 4X. The system features oblique LiDAR technology that illuminates objects from multiple angles, minimising shadowing in the data. Oblique LiDAR is also superior for feature detection on land and in water.

From shore to deep waters
High-resolution and accuracy make the HawkEye 4X the perfect tool for mapping, planning, maintaining and managing national waters and coastal regions combining excellent topographic, shallow water and deep water performance. Nautical charting of nearshore and coastal zones and characterisation and mapping prior to infrastructure development are typical applications.

Leica HawkEye 4X product specifications