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Lidar aerial photogrammetry, large format frame digital aerial photogrammetry, ADS system push-scan digital aerial photogrammetry, oblique photogrammetry, low-altitude drone digital aerial photogrammetry  

Aerial  P hotogrammetry

The Aerial imagery service relies on Microsoft's most advanced UltraCam series, with our high-efficient acquisition and advanced post-processing capabilities of different resolutions.

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With the development of technology, the quality of aerial photos has been greatly improved, from film to digital, and its use is increasingly widespread. It is not only used in map mapping, but also widely used in many fields such as national economic construction, military and scientific research.
Feiyan Remote Sensing is equipped with two internationally advanced RIEGL VQ-1560i airborne lidar measuring systems. It has several ULTRACAM series frame digital aerial cameras: large format digital aerial camera - UCX, large format wide-angle digital navigation Camera - UCXp WA, super large format digital aerial camera - UCE; PAN-U5 tilt aerial camera with POS AV510 inertial navigation system and drone aerial equipment.

Up to now, Feiyan Remote Sensing has completed more than 1 million square kilometers of aerial photography in surveying and mapping. It serves many fields such as land resources, urban planning, basic surveying and mapping, three-dimensional digital city construction, geographic national conditions survey, transportation, electric power, water conservancy, etc. Ministerial Excellent Surveying and Mapping Engineering Award.